Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Moguls and Movie Stars" now showing on TCM

The  new Turner Classic Movies documentary on the history of Hollywood  from the beginning of the invention of movie pictures -up through the 1970 when much of the power was lost by the Studios that I got to preview at the Telluride Film Festival is now showing! It started yesterday with the Episode- "Peepshow Pioneers"  - but is reshowing tomorrow-Wednesday, 10 PM Eastern- I will be Tivo-ing it!
The rest of the Episodes will debut  Mondays at  8:00 PM Eastern until December 15.

I did a pretty good job of  getting  my reviews of the films I saw up on my blog right away that week, typing away in the morning at The Steaming Bean Coffee shop- in fact so well that after I reviewed "Moguls and Movie Stars" I bumped into it's director- Jon Wilkman and his wife on a side street in Telluride and told him how much I enjoyed previewing the first two episodes and would be looking forward to see the rest.  He said thanks and that some movie blog- called " Popcorn and something" had already gave it a good review! That was pretty wild- he also told me I had spelled his name wrong- which really left me with no excuse cause he spells his first name just like my husband- "Jon" with no H.

Tape and watch "Moguls and Movies" it is fascinating stuff- the little steps that film made- from the early inventions of Edison and Kodak coming together plus a whole lot of help from other inventors!

TCM will be also showing some of the films the episodes are featuring through the month.