Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best Line: The Wedding Date

Yesterday I was thinking about this movie, THE WEDDING DATE. It's nothing heavy. Just a daughter (Debra Messing- SMASH, WILL AND GRACE)returning home for the wedding of her sister, the favored one, when her life is not so great, so she hires a "male escort" (Dermot Mulroney-MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING ) to pose as her date.
Sadly there is much I can relate to in this movie...well apart from the particulars, escpecially paying the male escort part, but I can relate to scenes like this where they're are on the plane, headed to London and the cloud of dread is already over her head...
   KAT (to NICK- who is calm and smartly dressed):
Oh, I should warn you.
You know those families
where everyone's out of their mind
 but they're your family
 so you Iove them?
 Mine's not like that.
(she pause to think, then adds...)
I Iove my dad.
But since he's my stepdad,
he's technically not family.
He's more like a hostage.
I think of that line often......helps keep me sane! 


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Don't Google "Downton Abbey" if you're watching in the US

Under NO circumstances, if you are enjoying watching Season 3 of PBS's Masterpiece Theater- Downton Abbey- Google, Yahoo, read the news, or Image Search- you will be greatly disappointed. Disappointed is not the word, Deflated is more what I am feeling right now. I just wanted to find some nice pictures to put up so your "right brain" could be entertained while I told you some tidbits about the life of the "Countried Gentry", I have been reading about, inspired by the first few episodes we have seen here.
But now, after spotting some  images of "events" that HAD NOT happened in the series so far in the US of A in my images searches, I HAD to look into it further!
The shocking ending of Season 3 is  "Old News" in the "Old Country"  ended at Christmas last year. Let's just say that according to the news- there were some "pissed off" Brits- declaring their Christmas was ruined because of the "Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2012"- but DO NOT GOOGLE that- no matter how intrigued you are- ignorance is bliss!
Done whining....
Well,  actually- I do not understand the staggered release dates that different countries do in our Internet age-
In Cinema, like the latest Bond offering, even the ten days- two weeks that is the norm...

 released in October in the UK and in most of Europe- even Egypt saw it before we did in the US which was in early November-
We do the same thing here in the US...
Ten days between the US and UK releases.

In comparison, most of the world got to see the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, a word wide effort for sure,

 after the premieres in New Zealand and London were done.

Publishing also irritatingly does this- the early Harry Potter books  were released a year later in the US. The later books were released at the same time, probably to avoid world wide riots.

I can understand when there was  a time when staggering release dates grew anticipation, allowing time for the word to spread, but now it is just irritating, cause I know, real time what the "word is" in the UK, well actually also Turkey, Greenland and other parts- cause, I catch up every morning on Google Reader- surround by dogs, a cup of tea and a view across canyons and pinons to distant Blue Mountains in Utah.
These places are also now in my backyard- as far as "gossip" goes at least  and well, it it just too darn easy to find out something you haven't seen yet or read yet- cause everyone else in the world is talking about it around the virtual "water cooler"!

What was I going to tell you about Downton Abbey, which sent me to Google Images in the first place... I'll save for another time.