Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best Line: The Wedding Date

Yesterday I was thinking about this movie, THE WEDDING DATE. It's nothing heavy. Just a daughter (Debra Messing- SMASH, WILL AND GRACE)returning home for the wedding of her sister, the favored one, when her life is not so great, so she hires a "male escort" (Dermot Mulroney-MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING ) to pose as her date.
Sadly there is much I can relate to in this movie...well apart from the particulars, escpecially paying the male escort part, but I can relate to scenes like this where they're are on the plane, headed to London and the cloud of dread is already over her head...
   KAT (to NICK- who is calm and smartly dressed):
Oh, I should warn you.
You know those families
where everyone's out of their mind
 but they're your family
 so you Iove them?
 Mine's not like that.
(she pause to think, then adds...)
I Iove my dad.
But since he's my stepdad,
he's technically not family.
He's more like a hostage.
I think of that line often......helps keep me sane! 


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