Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hollywood's new job: Outsourcing

I feel like a broken record or I should just cut and paste from previous blogs my complaints of offerings coming out of Hollywood, such as my most recent optimistic trips to the movie theater to see Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg's 2 GUNS...
And Bruce Willis and the gang...
Both totally predictable, uninspiring and really unsatisfying, since I am not a "Millennium  Male" or someone in China, which is where the studios are making most of their money, according to news sites  like The Warp.
Money is money, I guess and Hollywood as always gone towards the money. But in basically "outsourcing"- movies are getting more and more "American" clichéd and well downright "crappy". Yes there are clichés- I'm a walking cliché of living in the West, heat my cabin with a stove from wood stacked outback. My deck either had mountain bikes or snow skis covering it and my husband's favorite beer is Fat Tire, but we just also spent a week in California maneuvering our dusty 4X4 SUV around Mercedes and Porches at the beach.
Both people and movies fall flat if all they offer is what you expect to see, without any irony-contrary to all the "what is trending now" buttons on Hulu, Netflixs and Twitter.
Heard a disparaging report on NPR's MARKETPLACE recently that Hollywood is actually running scripts through an algorithm, soooooo....
If only well, "millennium males", i.e. those who like ComicCon or foreigners wanting to see American actions movies with a lot of "bang" for their buck- then that is all that Hollywood is going to make!
No idea- other than a  new age of really good, story, character filled movies, cheap enough made so they can see a profit, until the theater starts to fill up with well, everybody else in the US of A who has just stopped going to the movies and have  stopped being a factor in the algorithm machine Hollywood is using to decide what movie to make! 
I think we are ready for a Renaissance, which means I guess right now this would be the "Dark Ages". When the last Dark Age happened, did they know they were in one?

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