Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Fairy Tales Are Back...


It is Fall and it is not only the season of golden trees, apple cider, candy corn and wood fires it is also finally the season for new shows and new seasons on Network Televison and all the shows this year seem to be fairytales.... well the shows I watch that is.

 ABC Studio's ONCE UPON A TIME, in its 3rd season is off to the "second star on the right"  and on to Neverland, in search of new story lines, having played out the original concept of fairytale characters stuck in a time and place warp, the first two seasons.
Now, Snow White, Prince Charming and the Evil Queen having other things on their minds have joined forces with Hook and soon the likes of Sleeping Beauty, Milan and well, Robin Hood. Quite a mix of genres, I'd say.
Well, ABC is in kahoots with Disney, so why not, and apparently the brain storming session of possible "mash ups" between beloved characters from the Disney vault could not be contained to just one T.V. show this Fall,  so now we have ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND....

Alice, the Ginny, yup, it's another  lost love....apparently.
Over on the CW, it only took one season for its fairy tale series- BEAUTY AND THE BEAST...
 to have the same problem as ONCE UPON A TIME, the first season's story line, of a somewhat out of control Beast, a.k.a. Vincent,  to help the Beauty, Catherine, a police detective, solve crimes and keep Vincent from the evil scientist who made him. Since that storyline is pretty well  played out, the series has gone for the classic "redo".....Amnesia! New bad guys and well, new Vincent, no longer in the shadows and scared, but now stylish and working for the bad guys, the new improved bad guys. Will Catherine get through to his heart.......again!
Not really a fairy tale, but it does have a handsome guy who can shoot a bow and a sexy love is CW ARROW...
Okay, of all the shows mentioned so far, though ARROW, based on the comic book from the 1940's, is by far the best, having seemed to put a little bit more "meat" into its storyline and characters. There is still plenty of unanswered questions, especially from the "pre-qual" storyline of Oliver's time on the island. I find myself mad at the writers for how little they give away in the flashbacks and wait anguishly for Thursday when Arrow will be on Hulu Plus, sometims watching it first thing in the morning with my tea. Yup, no access for network TV for me, my hubby wanted to try something different for awhile, no Satellite.
Of course I'm still waiting, and annoyed, that at NBC, GRIMM's...
new season will not start until October 25th.  
In its 3rd season, there is a little "mash up" going on, no longer is Nick and his team after the monsters from classic European fairytales, nope, now it's...
Mondays- BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, on the CW
No fairy tales on Tuesdays- but the new season of SONS OF ANARCHY is on the FX, see my review of past seasons HERE, no endorsements of new season until I see it.
Wednesdays - ARROW, on the CW,
Fridays- GRIMM on NBC
All the above shows can also be watched on their websites or at

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