Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...Singing Cowboys

I guess "Singing Cowboys" were my first introduction to TV/ Movies, sprawled out on my grandparent's living room floor watching the likes of "Rawhide" where Clint Eastwood sang I think or maybe it was watching him in reruns of "Paint Your Wagon" where I know he sang. Of course there was Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. John Wayne never sang, thank goodness- but think I have seen all of his Westerns and my grandpa loved popcorn, actually my whole family loves popcorn- so Sunday evening were devoted to eating popcorn as we watched shows like "The Wonderful World of Disney" and "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom".
                                                                                  Then there was Saturday mornings, where others were still sleeping or my mother working and I would indulge in all the TV shows- Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Wild Wild West- I thought James West was a real "hunk" at the age of 10.
My mother loved musicals so evening were spent watching Roger and Hammerstein's works such as "Sound of Music" and "Oklahoma". We never missed the yearly showing of "Gone with the Wind" when we were only allowed to ask questions during the commercials-do you remember those days.

Of course having an older brother who could beat me up, I also was well schooled in all the shows boys like- Star Trek and all the James Bond movies.
My mom also introduced me to the likes of Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Paul Newman, Robert Redford and Gregory Peck, but I discovered Cary Grant all on my own.


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