Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is anything sacred?

In a few weeks, I am headed up to  the Telluride Film Festival ...
actually as a paying pass holder this time. I have gone before, on the outskirts to celebrity watch
( I shamefully admit) and to partake in the public discussions in the park and courthouse, always fascinating- but this year, I have official paid the entry fee- it helps that I have a friend who has a house up there- actually her family does.
Telluride's Festival is unique in that it does not release the list of film that will be showing until the day the festival starts, so there is always much speculation of what will show. It has done well over the years debuting many film like ...
Slumdog Millionaire that later went on to awards and glory.
Telluride is also known for being anti- paparazzi. I don't know if there is a city ordinance, but although there are big namers - Penelope Cruz, Forrest Whitaker, Laura Linney, Andy Garcia, Mickey Rooney, Nicholas Cage to name a few- everywhere, there are only a few cameras following them.
Back to the speculation about what will show- I read yesterday that 127 Hours , based on the book Between a Rock and a Hard Place,

about the guy who sawed his own arm off after being trapped in the Utah backcountry for five days is pretty likely. Which my husband thinks is hilarious since I detest those male stories of extreme stupidity. We figured that based on how much the pass cost and how many film I would see in the weekend I had in fact spent about $50.00 to see this movie- that I hate and he is dying to see! There are several on the speculation list that I am hoping for- obtained from Michael's Telluride Film Blog.
My only guess or hope is probably not going to happen- though it might be this year's surprise film- the remake of True Grit.
I think it might have a chance in the fact the original with John Wayne was actually filmed just on the other side of Telluride in Ridgeway, Colorado. We have often gone to the cafe that still displays the brick wall used in the 1969 filmTo say the least I am a little concerned, since a large part of me cannot believe that such an iconic movie, starring John Wayne and Glen Campbell has to be remade.

And it is being remade by the Cohen Brothers - if one looks at their string of award winning movies such as...

A pattern arises...lots of blood and gore, off the wall humor and well a screwball look at reality.

Which makes me wonder what these guys are going to do with my favorite genre and one of my favorite movie?Apparently, the new True Grit is holding closer to the original novel, which according to the Cohen's is more violent then the first movies was and .... also funnier. From Wikipedia.
They did the filming in Texas and New Mexico and are not known for doing the festival circuit, so I bet I will be seeing it and complaining about it in December when the remake of True Grit is released in theaters....but really is nothing sacred?

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