Friday, August 13, 2010

It is an odd thing...

It is an odd thing when you are sitting in a movie theater with your teenage daughters and you realize you are old enough to be the leading man,'s... mother!! That the "Hot" guys featured on the covers of the grocery store magazines, to you, look like babies and well,  the actors you consider your "Heart Throbs" are really showing their age.

Charlie St. Cloud stars an unbelievably "Buff" if not "Baby Faced" Zac Efron. My oldest daughters response to that is always- " Isn't that good you think they have a baby face, since you are like twenty years older then them!" She is probably right.

Isn't it amazing how we take our heart throbs and freezes them in our mind from the movies we love, kind of like that children's book  "My Teacher Sleeps in School"...
About children's belief that since they only see their teachers in school, surely they only exist there and not the real world..... Don't we do the same thing with actors and they don't have the privilige of aging like the rest of us!
I can't help it...Kevin Costner
well always be....Jay Cochran         
  And Tom Crusie...
  will always be Mavrick
Kevin Bacon.....

will always be... Ren McCormick

and Harrison Ford...
will always be Indiana Jones
But then again my husband, who I met when I was 18 and he was 19 will always be that kid with long legs that looked really nice in jeans and cowboy boots leaning against an old rust colored GMC truck- isn't that the way it should be with "Hearth Throbs?"

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  1. How much can I say that I couldn't agree more??? (I am really trying to stay in denial about this getting-older stuff... My youngest goes to college this fall. ergh!)