Friday, February 25, 2011

"One Degree" from Paul Walker

Often when I cook I like to have a movie playing, so last night getting ready to have friends over to dinner, I had IN TO THE BLUE playing on my laptop on the counter. Which probably wasn't the wisest thing, since I was frying chili rellenos, which take about three days to make and were really, really good, but that is another blog.

IN TO THE BLUE ( 2005) is just mindless fun about a sexy couple in the Bahamas searching for lost treasure ships who get intertwined with drug traffickers that have lost a "coke plane" in the ocean. Starring Jessica Alba ( Dark Angel TV series, Fantastic Four Franchise and Sin City) and one of my favorite actors, Paul Walker, who is just fun to watch, for one he is never still, reminds me somehow of the little boys I have taught who are brilliant, articulate but in constant motion.

Paul Walker is probably most know for the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise (starting in 2001) often starring Van Diesel.

But he has actually starred alongside many an actor who weren't so famous at the time, but now are huge.

I saw Paul Walker in TIMELINE (2003), about a group of archeologists who discover a way to go back in time to feudal England. It was one of those movies I humored my husband going to, although I knew I wouldn't like it and I could barely recognize Walker, yes that is him in the movie poster and he had already done the first Fast and Furious movie. Can you tell who the other guy is? He was pretty forgettable in this movie but a year later became famous due to his unforgettable performance...

in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA(2004)- Gerald Butler ( P.S. I Love You, The Bounty Hunter)

Before TIMELINE, Walker had some minor roles in movies, including PLEASENTVILLE (1998), a very interesting movie about two modern teenagers who fall into a black and white conservative 1950's world but bring a little color with them.

PLEASENTVILLE stars Reese Witherspoon ( Walk the Line and Legally Blonde) and a little know actor at the time, who now is known for one of the largest grossing film trilogies..

Tobey Maguire ( Spiderman movies and Seabiscuit)

Which brings us back or forwards to INTO THE BLUE (2005)

which stars another slow to gain fame actor who portrayed the very cool under pressure, but very bad guy....

Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men, W, and True Grit)

But in my favorite of his movie, Paul Walker stands on his own, well kind of wiggles on his own, cause he can't stand still, THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z.
 Laurence Fishburne does star as the bad guy but the focus is all on Walker, a three strikes convict working with the FBI and getting a second chance by assuming the ID of a successful drug dealer who happens to have a son he does not want, but Walker does, and also a former girlfriend. Shot around the Mexico/US border it is a fun mindless ride, like most of Walkers movies, but the interaction between Walker and J.R. Villarreal ( Akeelah and the Bee)...

 is worth watching it for. Well I am a sucker for "Dad" movies and this one is sweet, and funny and a lot of shoot'em ups all at the same time.

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