Sunday, September 4, 2011

Telluride Film Festival #38: The dogs are so unimpressed.

I love all the dogs up here, well, I love dogs. Telluride is a dog town, with places to tie them and many store fronts complete with dog leash anchors and treats at the ready. There is actually an ordinance here you can't leave them in in an unattended car. These dogs are great because  they  are so unexcited about the "who's who" in town, they just want to be scratched behind the ear and be there to clean up a sandwich that George Clooney might drop running from the mob of "women who should no better" chasing him with cellphone cameras.  

I didn't try really hard as I walked by, it was so funny, I came around the corner and here this screeching and I had just been in the Conversation with Olivia Harrison, the widow of the late Beatle George Harrison...

who is here with a documentary of her husband's life and career, so many "connections" here- what this blog is all about, "pondering the connections in Hollywood"!

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