Sunday, September 4, 2011

Telluride Film Festival #38: From the Darkness

One of the films I will be reviewing this weekend is In Darkness, but this morning I woke up in the dark, about 5, so I got up and started working, waiting for the sun to come up and The Steaming Bean, down in town to open, so I would have Wifi.

This year, I have one pass down from the Acme pass I had last year, that got me into all the movies at the Chuck Jones Theater up in Mountain Village, including the first viewing of The King’s Speech, I know I mention that way too much. The Acme, for the money, let me see all the movies I wanted to and some I went to just because I figured at the $500 plus price, each would cost me about $50. Like, 12 Hours...
I still think of my grandma teaching me how to  bone a whole chicken every time that movie comes up. My husband was so green with envy, because 12 Hours did not have a wide release here in the Southwest, go figure, literally where the events happened and he did not see it until it came out on DVD. I wouldn't watch it again, nor let my younger daughter, but he and daughter #1 had a grand old time late one night.
What I didn’t like about the Acme pass was many of the movies were at the same time as the very interesting panel discussions in Elk Park, the backlot films in the library and the conversations in the court house, accessible to all the pass holder and even free to the public, though pass holders get in first.

This year, I did not get my act together quick enough to get the Acme pass, so downgraded one level to the Cinephile, a preselected“selection” by Meyer and the other directors of the festival, consisting of a lot of Art House films, foreign films, documentaries and just a few of the big premiere films that I had such easy access to last year, like.....I won't mention that Oscar winner again, that I saw first, before most everyone else on the planet.

To confess, I am not going to most of the film offered on the Cinephile pass, but it does allow me access to repeat viewing of the big premiere films on Monday, I won’t know what those are until when the TBA are released on Sunday night.

I do have one big sneak preview film for tonight at 11, yes 11 at night. But I won’t know what that is until I head on down to the coffee shop, here in about a half hour, when the sun comes up.  I will probably know what that sneak peek movie is before I can get wireless and post this- but I wanted to post my prediction what that movie will be….as a record for all, who knows it might be another Oscar contender.

Oh by the way, I was totally right about Butter! It is here, Jennifer Garner is here, guess she was in the coffee shop like ten minutes after I headed out yesterday, with her two little girls, so don’t know about her hubby, Ben Affleck, but I totally guessed right on the first sneak peek of the weekend. Alas, no Jackman though.

Okay- my guess for the second sneak peak is one of two based on this evidence- George Clooney is in town, was honored with a tribute and is mostly touting his new movie The Descendants directed by Alexander Payne. But Clooney co-wrote, directed and stars in The Ides of March

Is he really coming to come all the way to a festival known for being the first to highlight Oscar contenders and Not tout his "baby"? 

But, possible there is some contractual reason why the idea of pushing two movies is frowned upon, in that case, Johnny Depp is here too and he has a new art housey movie coming out, The Rum Diaries, so new there is not a movie poster or still I can show you, but the movie is based on the book...

The fact Depp is here, is not totally an indication Rum Diaries will be shown to the all us “Joe Blow movie goers”. There are a lot of private parties and showing up here in what the Hollywood Reporter declared as the richest town in Colorado. I would of bet Aspen, where the joke is the billionaires pushed the millionaires out  to Carbondale down the road, but I digress. Last year, Brad Pitt was in town, with The Tree of Life...
 which was viewed only privately.

So – like I said, I’ll know before this is posted, but wanted to preserve my guesses. Oh, and there is a TBA who will be talking at the town courthouse this afternoon, my guess is on Garner, her movie Butter premiered last night at the Chuck Jones. It could be Clooney, though don’t know how they will get him in there, it probably only seats 70 people, Glenn Close had her talk yesterday and I didn’t try real hard to get in, the line too long.

Today, I might hang around the courthouse and see what kind of a line there is. The movies I want to see today aren’t until later and don’t feel so guilty about not getting to all the ones on my pass.

Well the sun is up…

Sorry, I know the view is pretty amazing here, and I am only here because of my friend’s kindness in inviting me, actually the house is her parent in laws, which are also a sweet as anything, but I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend with those you love. If it is any consolation, those I love are not with me, they are all camping in Utah while I am up here in Telluride and I miss them terribly

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