Monday, September 6, 2010

Telluride Film Festival: Art Movies are not for Midnight!

Went to the late, late......late night  showing of the new movie If I want to Whistle, I Whistle by a first time director Florin Serban about a boy in a juvenile prison system in Romania.
The short Micky Bader, directed by Frida Kempff ( Sweden Norway)- precedes it.
Both movies are what I would call Art Movies- which is of course to be expected at a Independent Film Festival-

Both movies could be called profound- the short about a lady who has seen and lived through much in her 100 years including living and escaping Poland with her Jewish husband during Hitler's regime.
Serban's movie is about the harsh realities of life in a Romanian prison camp and a boys desire to save his younger brother from his abusive mother and his attraction to a student who comes to survey him-

Quickly in the movie you know the boy is going to snap, seeing his "rubber band" wrapped tighter and tighter until he does "lose it" in a bloody standoff, screwing any chance of a future for him, weeks before his release.
The problem, is when one is tired, from two days of film, about midnight it becomes very hard to think profound! And an art film, where there are sweeping camera angles and long, long, long.................long pauses in the dialogue starts to feel like torture- I started to edit If I Want to Whistle I Whistle- in my own head- declaring that five attempt to wake his friend in the prison barracks at night was to...long-  It would of been just as efficient three times or twice!
How long does one need to watch the slow stirring of sugar in a cup of coffee to get the emotional feel of the scene- I admit this could of felt more torturous because of the late hour- but I think the movie that came in at 94 minutes- could of made its very poignant point of the life of these boys- the lead was excellent- at 60 minutes- okay maybe 75 minute-
The short -Micky Bader was talk talk.......... talk as well - and so the movie maker for some reason gave us the Far North tradition of dipping in the freezing ocean to watch- A lot- really really old people in bathing suits and some....not, going o'natural- while Micky Bader talked- all ages came for a dip, down a long peer- and  to a ladder - down the ladder, in the frigid ocean for like 15 seconds, back up the ladder, puttingly their robe on slowly and walking  back up the peer- then down the peer, robes off, over and over as I read English at the bottom of the screen, since both movies were Foreign Films
So there is my sleep deprived review of these two Art Movie- if I really remember what happened- which is debatable and now I know, Art House movies- need to be seen early in the day when one is "caffeinated!"
One movie that kept me Wide Awake at midnight- was 127 Hours about the guy in Utah that cut his own arm off- review to come- !

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