Friday, September 3, 2010

Telluride Film Festival: Ready, Set, Go...

Here I sit, in the Steaming Bean Coffee Shop, down on Mainstreet in Telluride, Colorado, pretty mellow right now...
 Knocking on Heaven's Door is blasting over the speakers to give you an idea of how mellow and laid back this festival is- more grung then glitz. Stevie Nicks is playing.
These streets will be packed in a few hours with the street feed for the passholders above mine like the Patrons, yeah not in that crowd, a lot of East Coast society coming out west and Hollywood types intermingling, well, more passing in the night, but fun to watch.

The official, Official guide is released at noon. They did release a list yesterday including a tribute to Peter Weir's who has given us Gollipili with Mel Gibson and the Witness with Harrison Ford. The Way Back,  is about a group of prisoners of war that escape a prison camp in Siberia- the write up uses phrases like "...horror of man reduced to his most primal instinct"... so I think they will be eating each other at some point. I'll let you know. It stars Colin Farrell who also starred in Weir's New World,
Not to be confused with Colin Firth ( close name like that are going to keep me checking the guide all weekend and I will still get it wrong!)

Colin Firth also will be here with The King's Speech, about King George, Queen Elizabeth father's fear of speaking and his speech coach and a tribute of all his movie- am looking more forwad to that, no canabalism, I think in a piece on England's Monarchy, well maybe.  


No official word on 127 Day- the one about the guy who cuts his own arm off in the Utah Back Country- but think it will be here since the autobiography book is in the hospitaity tent? Hummm, is there a theme here of chopping and eating bodies? Hopefully those are the only two movies dealing with such things.

At Noon  I am headed over to the Backlot- in the library for a showing of a new documentary A History of Hollywood Moguls and Movie Stars, which will air November 1 on TCM (Turner Classic Movie Channel)


and a feature on cameraman Jack Cardiff, with a Q and A session afterwards, which should be fun.

Then the first official movie I will be seeing is Great Expections, though not sure if it is this modern remake....

Or the classic one...
Kind of hoping for the classic one, will let you know and recap the day, tomorrow morning and let you know what is up for tomorrow.

Not another rumor of Brad Pitt being up here or a world wide showing of his movie Tree of Life, so it could of been a test of the "Tweeter Alert System" just to see if people were paying attention.  And no official word on Natalie Portman's Black Swan, though the rumor mill is going crazy on that one as well. All shall eventually be revealed.

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