Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Telluride Film Festival: The Talks

Something I enjoy at the Festival just as much as the films and is free to the public, if there is room, which there always seems to be is the talks. Both in the historic Telluride Courthouse- I attended the talk with Geoffrey Rush  and Tom Hooper, and in Elk Park across the street...
Where I attended the talk with James Franco. The park also hosts a movie at dark, also free to the public.

The funniest event happened in the park, when Franco was subjected to the real Aron Ralston impersonation of dignified actor- who is a painter, poet and now attending Yale- it was pretty good!

James Franco was laughing all the way to his posh black Escalade that was whisking him off to the airport for part unknown.

Will be reviewing 127 Hours next- and by the way- a few people fainted in it and by the time I saw it- Ralston adviced us is we did feel a little sick- to not stand up, because that is what lead to the fainting.
Also, the movie was so hot off the pressed there was actually a security firm scanning the audience the whole time with night vision goggles to see if anyone was trying to pirate it. We were warned that even the glow from a digital watch brought up to our face would be enough for them to pick up and whisk us from the theater.
Granted Danny Boyle's, the director, last success was the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire...I guess the powers that be take this movie stuff pretty seriously.

I followed an executive from Fox Studios around to a lot of the movies, would not of known him unless someone hadn't pointed him out to me and I was sitting in the Steamming Bean coffee house and slowly realized one of the guys sitting next to me was actually one of our Colorado Senators- Michael Bennet taking in some movies or doing a little campaigning in Southwest Colorado.
Yeah.... the view ain't bad either!

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