Thursday, September 2, 2010

Telluride Film Festival: Brad Pitt Rumored to be in town..

Just sitting here on my bed, taking my own sweet time to get ready to head up to Telluride, want to say bye to the girls and Jon after school, before I go. Am also trying to read up as much as I can on the again, proposed movies, the most likely movies to debut there, since the festival does not reveal the line up until Friday @ 12.

Well found the buzz on some of the movie blogs and tweets,that Telluride is reporting Brad Pitt is up there. Didn't believe it, until found a "tweet" from the Telluride Hotels- when the hotel staff is tweeting it, it is probably true. It would be very cool if it was true, would like to see him, but more think it would be fascinating if he was on some of the panel discussions and actor talks.

"The Tree of Life", directed by Terrence Malick and also starring Sean Penn was not on any of the list of possible movies, rumored it would not even be released until 2011. The synposis on IMDB is lets say not very concise, but it sound like it is a period movie set in the 1950s about the conflict of a boy with his parents and his loss of innocense and then jumps forward to his preception of things as an adult- tell you more when and IF I see it.

Did I mention Brad Pitt, might be in Telluride? My daughter is going to kill me, if he is, should I tell her before hand?

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