Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Telluride Film Festival: UCLA Film and Television Archives

My Acme ticket got me into everything up at the Chuck Jones theater up the gondala in Mountain Village, which is dedicated to a long time support of the festival and yep, the creator of Bugs Bunny!

I did have two passes to downtown venues, which were in the old historical building around Telluride like the  old Masonic Hall
But, the one venue, the Sheridan Opera House where so  many of the big premieres are- click here for some history of the building in Telluride, was excluded. So when one of the free showings to the public was scheduled in the Historical Opera House, I was thrilled.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  is  well known for their film and televison retoration.
Jan-Christopher Horak was given a special award for his work and led us through several of UCLA recent restoration efforts including The Red Shoes
Part of the Festivals tribute to Claudia Cardinale- a star of Italian screen in the 1960s

Horak took us through the restoration process of the classic ballet film, showing a copy that had severe mold and then the restored version and empasized the great volume of work still needed to preserve these cellilod strips of film.

Interesting note- it is how many times a negative is used to make copies that really deteriates it, so it is the popular movies that are in great need of restoration.

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