Saturday, September 4, 2010

Telluride Film Festival: By Night

One thing I love to do is stroll a mountain town at dusk, but am usually heading down the canyon back home about that time- so since we were staying over night in Telluride, I got to enjoy the gorgeous night while others did  the same and of course there were a lot of dogs out.
The historical San Miguel courthouse waa aglow...It has quite a history. The first one burned down in 1885, but the bricks were reused to build this one, two years later and a bit after that Butch Cassidy ( acutally Leroy Parker because this was he pre Sundance days) robbed the bank and probably raced right past the courthouse, hightailing it down the Dolores Canyon. Rumor is that his stash is still in the hills around here. What is not rumor is that he actually wrote the Telluride Sheriff and wanted his horse back- which had been tied and replaced with a fresh one on the get away trail.
The Sheridan Hotel and Opera House was built starting in 1895, but also being touched by fire as everything was in a mountain mining town. It was the setting for a speech by Presidental Canidate William Bryan Jennings in one of his campaign stops-
The Opera House today has seen many movie premires during the Festival- including the Last King of Scotland, Juno, Brokeback Mountain, Neverland and Crouching Tigar, Hidden Dragon. 
I just saw the very first showing of The King's Speech with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush and will be review it this weekend- I'll come right out and say it- Oscar worthy!!  

Across the street from the Courthouse and Sheridan Hotel is Elk Park, that has free showings of movies every night at dark- haven't gotten to one of those yet, hopefull tomorrow.

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