Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Telluride Film Festivial: The Ending of the Show

It had to come, after four days, and to be frank I think my brain was ready. The yummy Labor Day picnic provided by Omaha Steaks- was at the Town Park, at the end of town where a lot of the other popular festivals and concerts are featured in Telluride like the Blues and Brews.
Along with the food, there was one last panel -"If You Could See What I See": How do filmmakers
conceive the look of a film and translate it into visual terms?
With Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) , Colin Firth, Tom Hooper- ( The Kings Speech) Olivier Assayas (Carlos), Mark Romanek ( Never Let Me Go) and ; moderated by Annette Insdorf (Director of Undergraduate Film Studies at Columbia University, New York)

As an artist, the discussion was really interesting- Hooper, the director of "The King's Speech" talking about his use of negative space to set the mood of the film and another director talking about his use of Japanese "Wabi Sabi". All the directors were very interested in color- Aronofsky using black and white- in line with the theme of ballet and dashes of pink and its complement of blue green. Romanek, in Never Let Me Go, banded primary colors and muted the English country side.
Leaning against the chain link fence, with many nonpassholders listening on the other side, I found myself drifting my view up from the panel discussion to the rocky box canyon above us.

The power in that park was bigger than huge- movie stars, Hollywood directors with $180 million movie budgets, Studio executives. I even caught one of our Colorado Senators, Bennet having coffee at the Steaming Bean.
These were some of the most influential men in the world- the power of media not to be overlooked spending their weekend in Southwest of Colorado. Unfortunately there was not one women I could name that I saw that's influence came close- not they were not there, I just did not see them.
So here I sat against the fence as the panel discussion was over and the actors and directors were whisked off to their waiting black Escalades to head to the airport or other parts of Telluride and the funniest thing happened...Michael Ondaatje, the guest director of the festival and author of novel The English Patient, rushed after Tom Hooper, the much younger director of The King's Speech ( he has also directed John Adams and Shakespeare in Love) to shake his hand and oh and ahh over Hooper's films. I have observed one famous author gush over another famous author at the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference in LA.
It is such a testament- to really, we are insecure softies.
But the lasting impression I had, sitting there under this....

Was I wondered if the big time directors were moved by the scenery, if the Studio Ex, looked up at the "Ahh" inspiring rugged San Miguel's and felt small- because they were in God's country and was it easier here than in the glitz of Hollywood or London to "Know there is a God!"

Post Script: Alas that Brad Pitt was here was a mean mean rumor by some Hotel worker!

Post Post Script: That is that from me- I am tired of writing and you must be tired of reading about Telluride- be back soon with more movie stuff, cause amazingly am planning to watch a few more in the comfort of my studio as I happily unwind by stitching- let you know what I see....but later.

Post 3x- it was a delight to spend the festival with a friend and her aunt and her friend- I had a great time and thanks a bunch for the use of the bed and the yummy dinner and soup!

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